I’ll admit it.  I’m spoiled by modern conveniences.  I do all my banking online.  I order groceries online from Amazon Fresh.  I use online check-in before I fly.  You get the picture.  And so I rarely have to wait in line.

But the few times that I do, I get frustrated quickly.  Ask my wife.  After two amazing weeks in Costa Rica, at the airport there was a line snaking out the door to check in for our flight home.  For the first time in two weeks I was stressed.  Isn’t there a way to check in online?  Nope.  Can I somehow use my BlackBerry to jump the line?  Nope.  I just have to wait like everyone else…

The worst is when you call a customer service line (for me it’s usually an airline) and they tell you that it will be 20 minutes until you can talk to a human.

Here’s an idea.  Instead of making me sit on the phone listening to bad hold music – and burning my cell minutes – why can’t they call me back when they’re ready?  “You can either stay on hold, or press # and we’ll call you back.”

The tech to do this is pretty simple, it just takes someone to look at it from the customer’s eyes (or ears).