There are many different methods to train for a 100 mile bike ride. A method I’ve had success with in the past I call the pre-dad method.

The pre-dad method

6 months before the ride, build your plan. Start by building up your base fitness with hard, short rides. With three months to go do a series of long rides, with each one 10% longer than the last. Keep a detailed spreadsheet of your rides to ensure that you’re meeting your targets. Over the course of these months, carefully dial in your nutrition and gear. In the final two weeks, taper your training down so that you have fresh legs for the event. Crush it.

This year, I’m trying a different approach…

The two-kids-under-5 method

In January, sign up for a charity ride. In July, realize that you’ve got 4 weeks until the ride. Make a plan to go on 2 or 3 “long rides” before then. Sneak in a 30 miler one Sunday afternoon when both kids are napping. The next weekend plan for 60 miles, then break a spoke 15 miles into the ride. In the final two weeks, taper your training down by taking a business trip and not riding at all. Assume that you’re still going to crush it.

We’ll see the results of this method on Sunday. I’m sure it’ll be great.

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