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I’ll admit it.  I’m spoiled by modern conveniences.  I do all my banking online.  I order groceries online from Amazon Fresh.  I use online check-in before I fly.  You get the picture.  And so I rarely have to wait in line.

But the few times that I do, I get frustrated quickly.  Ask my wife.  After two amazing weeks in Costa Rica, at the airport there was a line snaking out the door to check in for our flight home.  For the first time in two weeks I was stressed.  Isn’t there a way to check in online?  Nope.  Can I somehow use my BlackBerry to jump the line?  Nope.  I just have to wait like everyone else…

The worst is when you call a customer service line (for me it’s usually an airline) and they tell you that it will be 20 minutes until you can talk to a human.

Here’s an idea.  Instead of making me sit on the phone listening to bad hold music – and burning my cell minutes – why can’t they call me back when they’re ready?  “You can either stay on hold, or press # and we’ll call you back.”

The tech to do this is pretty simple, it just takes someone to look at it from the customer’s eyes (or ears).


Cut to giant SUV driving through something that looks like a modern Tron interpretation.  Booming voiceover begins:

When a cross-over gets 24 MPG and has room for seven, suddenly, everything looks a litte different

Two problems:

1) 24 MPG isn’t that good.

2) How does this car, that as  far as I can tell has no unique features (and is ugly as sin), change the world?  Do the guys at Ford really have an answer to that?  Or are they just saying stuff because it sounds dramatic?  

Surely there was something they could say about this SUV other than “it gets mediocre gas milage and has seven seats”.  And if that’s really all there is to say, why the heck did they spend millions of dollars to design and build these things.

Video is here in case you like watching train wrecks.